The Safari Settings You Should Tweak Right Now

Tips: Get the most out of your Safari browsing on iOS and macOS with these tips and tricks. From and 

Your browser is your window onto the world, the app you rely on most during the day. You want to wring every last drop of usefulness out of it. It definitely pays to know all of the features and tricks your daily browser is capable of. For iOS users, that means mastering Safari:

how to stay safe online, how to get stuff done faster, and more.

For a smoother online experience, take a few minutes to run through these Safari tweaks to make your life online a little smoother.

1. Run a password audit

Safari is very concerned about the strength of your passwords—perhaps even more so than you are. To see whether you’re using any weak passwords, or duplicating passwords across accounts, open the Safari menu and choose Preferences then Passwords. A yellow exclamation mark indicates a potential problem with one of your listed passwords.

2. Pop out videos

You’ll often want to carry on watching a video while doing something else, and Safari can help—with a video playing, click and hold the audio icon in the address bar, then choose Enter Picture in Picture. The pop-out video player can be repositioned and resized as needed, but keep the original tab open in the background while you work on other tasks.

3. Set permissions for each website

Websites want a lot these days: access to your webcam, your mic, your location, and more.

To check what a site does and does not have access to, click Safari then Settings for This Website. You can revoke any permissions you’ve previously given, stop content from auto-playing, and limit the number of pop-up windows that the website can show.


More Tips:

Change Passwords preferences in Safari on Mac

Lists websites whose user names or passwords you saved while signing in or manually added, and whose passwords you chose never to save.

To edit a website, user name, or password, double-click it.

If you see a yellow triangle  next to a website password, either it’s a weak password, or you’re using the password on another site. Reusing passwords across different websites isn’t recommended—if an attacker knows your password for one website, they might be able to access your accounts on other websites.

To create a stronger or unique password for the selected website, click the triangle, then click the website link and go to the change password page.

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