A Cybersecurity Assessment (CSA) evaluates the ability of a unit equipped with a system to support assigned missions in the operational environment, which includes threats to defend against cyber-attacks, detection of possible network intrusions, and reaction to those threats. Operational Technology’s OT, IOT, OT/ICS, cybersecurity assessment (CSA), cloud infrastructure strategies. Cybersecurity assessment CSA, BD, SNMP, policies, & compliances. With more than two decades of experience. We have built and created product and services that inspires both our award-winning team and our trusted clients. Contact US.

Develop an Integrated & Intelligent Approach to Securing Your IT Environment. Data-Driven Analytics. Real-Time Defenses. Proven Expertise. Security Intelligence. Types: Incident Response, Endpoint Management, Threat Intelligence, Network Security, Fraud Protection.

The FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) is a diagnostic test that helps institutions identify their risk level and determine the maturity of their cybersecurity programs

Smart cities ensure that their citizens get from point A to point B as safely and efficiently as possible. Smart parking. Public transport. Utilities. Street lighting. Waste management. Environment. Public safety.

Eamples: Utilities IoT-equipped smart cities allow citizens to save money by giving them more control over their home utilities. IoT enables different approaches to smart utilities:

Smart meters & billing

With a network of smart meters, municipalities can provide citizens with cost-effective connectivity to utilities companies’ IT systems. Now, smart connected meters can send data directly to a public utility over a telecom network, providing it with reliable meter readings. Smart metering allows utilities companies to bill accurately for the amount of water, energy and gas consumed by each household.

Revealing consumption patterns

A network of smart meters enables utilities companies to gain greater visibility and see how their customers consume energy and water. With a network of smart meters, utilities companies can monitor demand in real time and redirect resources as necessary or encourage consumers to use less energy or water at times of shortage.

Remote monitoring

IoT smart city solutions can also provide citizens with utility management services. These services allow citizens to use their smart meters to track and control their usage remotely. For instance, a householder can turn off their home central heating using a mobile phone. Additionally, if a problem (e.g., a water leakage) occurs, utilities companies can notify householders and send specialists to fix it.

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