Secure Management infrastructure needs improvement to handle complexity, variety and quantity of new security applications.

The digitization of business and the compounding growth and exchange of data required the IT industry to solve the problem of how securely to exchange and transfer data among multiple companies across different networks, regions and countries.

SecureDAM™ is leading vendor of professional development tools. We identify and remediate systemic weaknesses in agencies architectures, designs, and configurations. We recommend, develop, enhance, verify new technical security standards. Configure baselines for major systems, platforms, and applications. In the area of “Digital Transformation Modernize”, enhance security systems and solutions. Solutions development for Over-the-top content (OTT) and the ICT Industry. All SecureDAM™ products are fully manufactured in highest standard. Tested in the United States. All our programing as well as our support service are developed in the US,  We are a woman-owned small business (WOSB) certified through SBA to deliver top-notch performance objectives. SecureDAM™ is approved and qualified Small Business Enterprise SBE, DBE, WOSB and HUBZone located ( Pending certification), with additional certification through platform providers and partners such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, GE, GoDaddy, Alcatel-Lucent, Honeywell Autom, Juniper Networks, Nokia, Qualcomm, Ericsson. With more than two decades of experience. We have built and created product and services that inspires both our award-winning team and our trusted clients.

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Leverage Interconnection

  •  Integrates direct private connections of counterparties with colocated, distributed IT components at IT traffic exchange points
  •  Solves performance and integration barriers to enable vibrant business ecosystems
  •  Provides an on-ramp to securely scale into the cloud
  •  Helps integrate digital services with providers and partners to interact in real time
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Applications & Content Acceleration