In late 2016, Gartner predicted that 30 percent of web browsing sessions would be done without a screen by 2020. Earlier the same year, Comscore had predicted that half of all searches would be voice searches by 2020. Though there’s recent evidence to suggest that the 2020 picture may be more complicated than these broad-strokes projections imply, we’re already seeing the impact that voice search, artificial intelligence, and smart software agents like Alexa and Google Assistant are making on the way information is found and consumed on the web.

The power of structured content

Big players (like Google, Amazon and Apple) have launched their advanced chat solutions that crawl the web and produce knowledge databases that can later serve information to users. However, does anybody need that complex solutions?

Many websites, from corporate to government or personal websites, host content in a structured manner. This structured organization is vital for building an automated assistant for their visitors. It simplifies the process of building the knowledge database, as it is already coded into the structured organization of the website.

SecureDAM offers a powerful chat assistant with voice support that allows an interactive conversation with a website visitor in order to serve the desired content.

The SecureDAM voice assistant is suitable for: 1) websites with an eShop,  2) corporate websites that wish to guide visitors to specific areas, 3) government websites that wish to deliver information fast and easily to people.

SecureDAM voice assistant can help your accessibility goals for your personal, corporate or government website.

Click here for a demo case of the SecureDAM voice assistant.