Government Service Ransomware

  • September 23, 2019
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Let us know your goals, and we’ll customize a solution for your needs. With a continued pledge to delivering the easiest and most efficient  solutions, and programs for our federal government customers. Contact US.



Partnering, Subcontracting and Purchasing: Let us know your goals and we’ll customize a solution for your needs. 

Ransomware is often spread through phishing emails that contain malicious attachments or through drive-by downloading. Drive-by downloading occurs when a user unknowingly visits an infected website and then malware is downloaded and installed without the user’s knowledge.

SecureDAM™ is the industry’s most advanced enablement platform.  Best-of-breed solution to Ai / Ml, cybersecurity, DAM, enterprise IT, and cloud. With a continued pledge to delivering the easiest and most efficient solutions for our federal government customers.

SecureDAM™ is approved and qualified Small Business Enterprise SBE, DBE, WOSB and HUBZone located ( Pending certification), with additional certification through platform providers and partners such as Amazon, A&T. Google, IBM, Oracle, GE, GoDaddy, Alcatel-Lucent, Honeywell Autom, Juniper Networks, Nokia, Qualcomm, Ericsson.

With more than two decades of experience. We have built and created product and services that inspires both our award-winning team and our trusted clients.

What is adequate security?
Minimum cybersecurity standards are described in NIST Special Publication 800-171 and break down into the following 14 areas:

  • Access Control
  • Awareness & Training
  • Audit & Accountability
  • Configuration Management
  • Identification & Authentication
  • Incident Response
  • Maintenance
  • Media Protection
  • Maintenance
  • Personnel Security (Human capital management disclosure rules)
  • Physical Protection
  • Risk Assessment
  • System & Communication Protection
  • System & Info Integrity


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