Software Services. Cloud Platforms. Mobile Devices. High-precision Time- and Frequency-synchronization:

SecureDAM™ team works closely with our partners to build trusted relationships between the world’s best technology brands and their customers, helping people get answers and share their experiences.

SecureDAM™ provides a broad range of ML services and solutions in innovation, strategy consulting, analytics, cyber intelligence, digital assets, cyber security technology, DDOD, and distributed ledgers technology ( such as blockchain).

We harness the power of platform of the cloud providers by migrating existing applications and systems to tailored ML.  Our agile Deep learning Ai is ideal for a fast secure digital transformation of our clients. Simply turn the outdated unsecured network you have into high speed secure cloud you want. More info.

All products are fully manufactured in the United States and all programing and support is US only. We identify and remediate systemic weaknesses in agencies architectures, designs, and configurations. We recommend, develop, enhance, verify new technical security standards.Configure baselines for major systems, platforms, and applications. In the area of “Digital Transformation Modernize” and enhance security systems and solutions.


Loss of the GPS signal is potentially crippling to segments of U.S. critical infrastructure SecureDAM™ provides solutions in innovation, cloud consulting, digital assets, DLT, cyber security, NIST atomic clock.