GSA Centers of Excellence and JAIC focus

GSA Centers of Excellence and JAIC focus on data management to accelerate AI adoption across DoD


WASHINGTON – The U.S. General Services Administration and the U.S. Department of Defense’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center today announced crossing milestones that leverage data as a strategic asset while advancing AI across the DoD, through the Centers of Excellence (CoE) collaboration.

In just a few short months, data has become a critical focus area for advancing AI-powered initiatives. JAIC stakeholders and CoE members participated in a series of human-centered design workshops to determine essential roles and responsibilities for managing data assets. These roles and responsibilities will shape a flexible governance framework to manage data holdings covering a broad range of mission areas, including cybersecurity, healthcare, predictive maintenance, and business automation.

“The CoE partnership with GSA is already paying dividends. This next step paves the way for the DoD to improve how we manage and leverage data as a strategic asset,” said Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan, Director of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center. “We appreciate the CoE’s commitment to creating a collaborative environment that enables solutions for broader AI governance, technology acquisition strategies, and scaling AI solutions through the Joint Common Foundation.”

“The CoE model gives us an opportunity to share experience gained from industry and federal partners with the JAIC, building on the successes of organizations that have come before us,” said TTS Director Anil Cheriyan. “The AI journey is one we are taking together and it’s essential to get the fundamentals right. We are offering a pathway for agency partners to accelerate their own AI journey.”