SecureDAM Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is an intertwined structure incorporating both software and hardware with other services in order to manage, store, ingest, organize and retrieve digital assets. SecureDAM Digital asset management systems allow users as well as auditors to find and use content when they need it.

Digital Asset Management. The term “media asset management” (MAM) may be used in reference to DAM applied to the sub-set of digital objects commonly considered “media”, namely audio recordings, photos, and videos. Any editing process that involves media, especially video, can make use of a MAM to access media components to be edited together, or to be combined with a live feed, in a fluent manner. A MAM typically offers at least one searchable index of the images, audio, and videos it contains constructed from metadata harvested from the images using pattern recognition, or input manually.

A digital asset is anything that exists in a digital format and comes with the right to use. Data that do not possess that right are not considered assets.

*Digital assets include but are not exclusive to: digital documents, audible content, motion picture, and other relevant digital data that are currently in circulation or are, or will be stored on digital appliances such as: personal computers, laptops, portable media players, tablets, data storage devices, telecommunication devices, and any and all apparatuses which are, or will be in existence once technology progresses to accommodate for the conception of new modalities which would be able to carry digital assets; notwithstanding the proprietorship of the physical device onto which the digital asset is located.