Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Concepts and Definitions. There are 3 main stages of computer network evolution: Centralised networks. These were the first computer networks. They are typified by one main computer (server) with a number of other computers connected to it. As a result, if the information on the main computer is erased or lost, it […]

Security Primer – Ransomware

Security Primer – Ransomware Throughout 2019, state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) government entities are increasingly encountering ransomware attacks resulting in significant network downtime, delayed services to constituents, and costly remediation efforts. As of September 24, 2019, the MS-ISAC received approximately 60% more reported ransomware incidents affecting SLTT governments in 2019 than for the entire […]

“Silent Meeting” as one way of better leveraging the ideas, perspectives

“Silent Meeting” as one way of better leveraging the ideas, perspectives. Talking meetings have much merit, but can also be subject to a host of problems. There are approximately 55 million meetings a day in the United States. Although they often have many different purposes and goals, these meetings are typically conducted in the same […]

New Group of Hackers Targeting Businesses with Financially Motivated Cyber Attacks

New Group of Hackers Targeting Businesses with Financially Motivated Cyber Attacks. Security researchers have tracked down activities of a new group of financially-motivated hackers that are targeting several businesses and organizations in Germany, Italy, and the United States in an attempt to infect them with backdoor, banking Trojan, or ransomware malware.     Though the […]

Reduce the complexity of compliance & security

Reduce the complexity of compliance & security Protect your organization with 24×7 security monitoring  Cybersecurity powered by our award-winning USM platform. With a vision to bring together the people, process, and technology that help businesses of any size stay ahead of  ransomware  threats. Detection and Response. Managed detection and response services will provide 24/7 detection and response in your […]

Japan sets up cybersecurity council to secure the 2020 Olympics

Japan has made cybersecurity a top priority for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next year, Takeshi Akahori, Deputy Director-General for the Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on a visit to Singapore this month. “Japan for itself is trying to promote its own state [cyber] practice, including establishment of the cyber security council, […]