Provide accurate time to applications SMPTE 2059 PTP. SMPTE ST 2110 – 20 Professional Media Over Managed IP Networks.

One PTP Grandmaster is mandatory for any ST2110 deployment. SecureDAM™ can guide you in the choice of a PTP Grandmaster timing and synchronization.

SMPTE 2059 PTP. SMPTE ST 2110 – 20 Professional Media Over Managed IP Networks.

The Challenge SMPTE 2059 PTP. SMPTE ST 2110 – 20 Professional Media Over Managed IP Networks.

Time-sensitive digital broadcast applications, such as network-overlaid interactive multimedia programs, OTT communications services, interactive sports analytics tools, and cloud-based mobile TV, must be accurately and reliably time-synced for data integrity, data governance, network latency monitoring, precise data timestamping, deterministic network performance, log file diagnostics, and real-time big data analytics, as well as for meeting the SMPTE 2059 PTP timing standard for supporting SMPTE ST2110 media systems. Accurate time sync of distributed applications is achieved when the enterprise clock sync chain is traceable to UTC, the ultimate stratum 1 master clock reference, through a variety of time sources, such as GNSS, CDMA, and other sources. Request a demo.

What will the adoption of the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards mean for the industry?

The impact goes beyond just replacing serial digital interface (SDI) with IP to the concept of having the flexibility to come up with a whole new set of applications based on, and leveraged off, information technology (IT) protocols and infrastructure.

The advantages of shifting to IP are comparable to those achieved when the industry moved from physical tapes to virtual files for content storage. Files were not treated as if they were just virtual tapes; rather, all the benefits of software and virtualized access have come to be realized with new workflows and functionality offered.

Another advantage is that intra-facility traffic now can be all-IP. Thus, rather than requiring two separate sets of switches — SDI switches for professional media and IP/Ethernet switches for general data — facilities can rely on one common data center infrastructure. Most operators will continue to separate traffic by priority; however, the newer switches do have the intelligence to prioritize real-time media streams.

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Our leading enterprise-class clock sync platform solution for time-sensitive broadcast applications. TimeKeeper’s innovative products can reliably synchronize time-critical application servers and VMs in data centers to within sub-µs accuracy against UTC traceability across an end-to-end network.

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SecureDAM™ SMPTE 2059-1 choice of a PTP Grandmaster

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As methods of data transfer evolve, so too does the need for increased speed in information transmission. Precision Time Protocol (PTP), as defined by the IEEE 1588 standard, provides the most advanced method of synchronization over Ethernet networks. #SMPTE 2059 PTP

SMPTE 2059 is a standard from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) that describes how to synchronize video equipment over an IP network. The standard is based on IEEE 1588-2008. … SMPTE 2059-1 – Defines signal generation based on time information delivered by the IEEE 1588 protocol.